Divisions and Level of Play

Sunday Night Division II Men’s Amateur

  • Competitive
  • Players may not possess current or former professional status. Ages 18 and older.*
  • Majority of players have some previous experience playing soccer. The player’s ball control is loose, but improves with each game played. This league tends to attract the player who used to play, and is getting back into the game. Games provide good competition.

Tuesday Night Division I Men’s Open

  • High level of play
  • No restriction on player’s status except for age. Ages 18 and older.*
  • Players are usually pretty fit. The player’s touch on the ball is close and in control. Most players have been playing for several years at the high school, intramural, college, or professional level. Games are fast paced and skillful.

Wednesday Night Coed Recreational

  • Men/ Women ages 18 and older.*
  • This league is meant for the recreational or beginning player. Players have an average skill, and a general concept of the game. Sportsmanship is the goal. A friendly game that will develop social interaction.

Thursday Night Coed Open

  • Men/ Women ages 18 and older.*
  • Players have experience and are above average. Female players are at the top of their game with good skill. Strong and Fair soccer is the theme. A good competition for coed soccer.

Friday Night Division III Men’s Masters

  • Over 40
  • Players must be over 40 years old. No exceptions.
  • Level of play does not deteriorate due to the age restriction. Ball control and foot skill varies with each players past soccer experience. Players play a steady-paced tactical game.

* Any player under the age of 18 must have a parent’s signature on the waiver form.